Nova Behavioral Healthcare Corporation


Since our humble beginnings, NOVA Behavioral Healthcare has been dedicated to building a future and hope for children, adolescents, and adults with concurrent diagnoses by providing individualized services in a highly structured and therapeutic treatment environment. NOVA Inc. was founded in 1985 to address a service need for difficult to place children with emotional, social and intellectual challenges. NOVA’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs) in Kinston, North Carolina offer secure residential care for children with mental illness.

In 1990 NOVA IC Inc. opened North Carolina’s first community based program for adults with dual diagnoses of mental retardation and mental illness (IID/MI). Located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, our program offers eight Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/IID) and Day Program Services. In 2008, NOVA-IC also expanded its services to include various community-based programs for individuals living with mental illness in Eastern North Carolina.

OUR MISSION—Promoting Resiliency

To teach and encourage all individuals participating in NOVA programs to invest in themselves in becoming resilient and capable people.

Keys in Building Resiliency Include:

Provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment
Assessment of protective and risk factors
Development of an individualized treatment plan with measurable goals and strategies
Assure each consumer and stakeholder maintains a role in planning and determining activities and treatment experiences that are suitable to his or her age and interest.
Development of personal protective qualities such as positive self-esteem, empathy, internal locus of control, positive functional relationships with family, peers and caregivers.
Teach personal competencies such as self help, independent living, self direction, communication, academic, and pre-vocational/vocational skills.

NOVA and Evidence-based Practices

NOVA’s operations reflect a mindful selection and implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs). In a collaborative manner, our Clinical and Medical Director determine which practices will be used to facilitate the psychosocial rehabilitation of NOVA consumers. This rigorous, standardized selection process yields strategies designed to help our consumers cope with anger, stress, social challenges, and other issues that hinder their treatment and rehabilitation. While we recognize the value of empirical, peer-reviewed studies, we reject the “one size fits all” approach to EBP implementation. Each consumer has unique social support systems, interpersonal skills, and life experiences that determine which EBP the consumer may response to best. We draw upon a growing library of NOVA-approved EBPs to ensure that our treatment team, the consumer, and stakeholders find a strategy best-suited to meet the consumer’s needs.